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SCOUT - real-time CNC machines monitoring

If you're using CNC machines in your business, then Scout is for you. With Scout, you can easily check your machines' statuses and job statistics. CNC machine monitoring made simple, yet powerful.


If your business is about using or building CNC machines, you’re at the right address. We have ready-to-use CNC software for variety of applications or we can prepare a dedicated solutions tailored to your needs.

Web sites, web applications

Creating web applications and websites has no secrets from us. Using the latest technologies, we will build an application specifically for you and your customers. Contact us and see for yourself how we can help you or your clients.

Designing electronic devices

Electronics is our passion. We will design, produce and program electronic devices that will just work. Your idea and our knowledge is the key to success. If you want to know more, contact us.

Mobile applications

These years belong to mobile applications. Smartphones have become a tool in our daily work. Therefore, we propose making mobile applications for all major platforms (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) that will entertain, teach or promote your business. Contact us to improve your mobility.

PC and embedded applications

Sometimes the web browser is not enough. That's why we also create applications for Windows, Linux and other embedded platforms. All this things will make you work more efficiently. Check how we can help you.